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SEAD Artists Monthly Recap: A Month of Exciting Events and Networking

Welcome to SEAD Artists monthly recap! As we continue our journey of innovation and collaboration, we are thrilled to share the highlights of an eventful past month. From celebrating milestones to brainstorming funding ideas and fostering new partnerships, our team has been actively engaged in a variety of significant events. Here's a detailed look at where we've been and what's next on our agenda.

Celebrating a Decade of Agri-Tech E

We kicked off the month with the 10th anniversary celebration of Agri-Tech E. This event marked a significant milestone for Agri-Tech E, recognising a decade of advancements and contributions to agricultural technology. It was an incredible opportunity to connect with industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders who are all passionate about driving the future of Agri-Tech. We left the event inspired by the progress made over the past ten years and excited about the potential for future collaborations.

Exploring Funding Ideas at the AFN Network Crucible

At the end of last month, on our itinerary, was the AFN Network Crucible in Bristol. This event provided a platform for intense brainstorming and idea exchange focused on funding opportunities. Engaging with a diverse group of professionals, we explored various funding strategies that could help propel our projects forward. The Crucible was not only a learning experience but also a chance to form valuable connections that could lead to future funding and support for SEAD Artist's initiatives.

Engaging with Geo Business and ARPAS-UK

Our team also attended the Geo Business show event, where we joined forces with ARPAS-UK. Geo Business is a leading event for geospatial technology, and it was exciting to be part of discussions on the latest advancements in this field. Collaborating with ARPAS-UK, we delved into the intersection of geospatial data and unmanned aerial systems, exploring how these technologies can enhance our projects. The event was a testament to the power of collaboration in driving innovation and solving complex challenges.

Building Partnerships with UK Agri-Tech Centre and FWAG Norfolk

Networking remained a key focus throughout the month as we met with the UK AgriTech Centre and FWAG Norfolk. These meetings were pivotal in discussing potential partnerships and exploring collaborative opportunities. Both organisations share our commitment to advancing agricultural practices through technology and sustainability. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities these partnerships could bring and look forward to working together on impactful projects.

Join Us at Groundswell on June 27th

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce our participation in Groundswell on June 27th. Groundswell is a renowned event that brings together individuals dedicated to sustainable farming and regenerative agriculture. We invite you to join us at Groundswell, where you can learn more about our work, share your insights, and explore potential collaborations. Come along and say hi – we would love to connect with you!

Stay Connected

As we continue to grow and expand our horizons, we remain committed to our mission of fostering innovation in the agricultural sector. Stay tuned for more updates on our projects, events, and partnerships. Follow us on our social media channels and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about our latest developments.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, we can make a difference in the world of Agri-Tech and beyond.

About SEAD Artists

SEAD Artists is dedicated to leveraging technology and creativity to drive advancements in agriculture. Our projects focus on sustainability, innovation, and collaboration, aiming to create a positive impact on the industry and the environment.

We look forward to seeing you at Groundswell and sharing more exciting news in the months to come!

Thank you for your continued support.

The SEAD Artists Team.

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